Saturday, July 28, 2007


Inspired by the movie Ratatouille, I decided to make this dish for dinner tonight. My husband and I are trying a 1 month Candida cleanse and it's really hard to find dishes which don't contain wheat, gluten or sugar. I thought of this dish because we saw the movie last weekend and really enjoyed it - Two thumbs from me for sure!

The dish got a thumbs up from my husband - another tough food critic (if you've already seen the movie), so I'll be adding this one to my dinner repertoire.

I used this recipe - the "Our Method" which takes the traditional French one, but cooks it all in one pot. Less dishes is always high on my list which is why I chose it. Oh - and last but not least, I served it on a bed of Lundberg rice (brown and wild rice mix). It has a yummy nutty texure and tastes even better if you cook it in chicken stock!

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