Thursday, July 26, 2007

prints and patterns

Last weekend I came across these rubber carvings I did about 8 years ago. Do you ever discover things you've made or designed and forgotten about because they got tucked away for years?....When you re-discover them years later you are surprised and impressed with the thought and skill that went into creating them. I hardly ever feel this way when I just complete a project. It's still too fresh in my mind all the technicalities that didn't work or weren't executed perfectly. (I went to design school where perfectionism is preached and expected). The good thing about 8 years later is that all those imperfections have long been forgotten and you can look at your creation with fresh eyes - and surprise! Then you realize the person you were back then and the person you still are, and hope to yet become is all in the same? Does that make any sense?! When I look at these carvings now, I can see the interest I had in the patterns and their repeats.

Six months ago I had an epiphany when I decided I wanted to focus on developing my design skills in the area of pattern design for textiles. I even went out and purchased myself this swanky new iMac computer to work on (which I am still learning how to use by the way)! I thought this was a "new" idea - something that I had just discovered as an interest. After looking at these carved stamps I realize it's something I've always loved, but just hadn't considered in the past few years. If anything it at least re-confirms that I am on the right path with this new become a fabric designer. Wish me luck as I have a LOT to learn - especially about computers and computer programs.

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