Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday traditions Gift Exchange

Happy New Year to everyone!

The Christmas season came and went so quickly this year that I didn't get much time to prepare for it other than to take part in Meg's Holiday Traditions Gift exchange. It was a lot of fun getting to know Gwen from Silver Lining blog and prepare a little package of gifts for her. What a fun way to connect with new people all over the world! She put together some sweet gifts for myself, my husband and little guy - all versions of hand warmers which we definitely need here in chilly and rainy Vancouver. As well, we shared some of our own family traditions with each other.

Her gift from me included this hand stitched felt mouse ornament. I went on a felt ornament making frenzy about one week before Christmas. I just couldn't stop making tree ornaments and became completely obsessed with all the different color combinations of sequins I could come up with to decorate the trees! The lack of all around crafty pursuits in my life this past year just came bubbling up and spilling over. I needed to make something with my hands or go nutty! Felt ornaments was a good solution because they don't take up much room on the dining room table while under construction and didn't require too much brain power to dream up. I'm already looking forward to next year when I can make a few more.

Hopefully by then I will have managed to set up my jewelry studio so I can get back to designing jewelry. This is what my hands and my brain really would like to be engaged in. Until the bedroom gets painted I've put setting up my studio on hold....

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